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A New Construction Rental Fit for a King – or a Graduate Student

Life as a graduate student is busy enough. 100 York can simplify things. Picture yourself coming home to your new construction rental; the location is convenient, the amenities are plenty, and every detail has been thoughtfully considered. New Construction Rentals A step above the average apartment, 100 York provides a unique and contemporary place to…

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Who Said Doing Laundry Can’t Be a Breeze? 100 York Knows How.

Residents of 100 York’s newly renovated apartments near Center City, Philadelphia, know doing laundry can be a breeze. Forget hoarding quarters or fighting with machines that refuse to change your perfectly flat dollar bills. Instead, they pull up a handy app. Developed by Mastercard and Maytag, Clothespin turns frustration into relief. Not only does it…

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