Apartment living: Billiards can really make a difference during dreary winter days

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In the midst of winter, it can seem like the gray skies and frigid temps are here to stay. If you’ve been looking for some remixed entertainment to beat the winter blues, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to one of many perks of apartment living, all you need to do is grab some friends and head to the 100 York newly built amenity center. Here you’ll find everything you need for a game of pool, or better yet, a unique variation on the classic game. Keep reading for some fun alternatives that you can easily try out to make the most of apartment living.

Cut-throat pool comes easy with apartment living

Cut-throat is a fun version of pool that’s great for groups of three or five players.

The goal? To pocket your opponents’ balls before they pocket yours; a player is eliminated once all their balls have been pocketed.

To start: For three players, divide the balls into three groups of five. Each player takes a turn to pot a ball, remaining at the table until they miss. Occasionally a player may choose to pot one of their own balls, known as “cutting your own throat,” in order to prolong their time at the table. The winner is the last player left with a ball on the table.

One-pocket pool

With only one pocket used per player, things can get a little tricky in one-pocket pool.

The goal? To score a total of eight balls into your designated pocket before your opponent.

To start: With two players, or in teams of two, place all the balls within the rack. Whoever breaks then chooses one particular pocket to use for scoring throughout the entire game, with the second player following the same protocol. The first player to reach eight points, or eight potted balls, wins.

Bumper pool

Bumper pool puts an entertaining twist on standard pool, especially for spectators.

The goal? For each player to pot their five balls into a pocket at the opposite end of the table, avoiding the “bumpers” as they play.

To start: Objects, known as bumpers, are placed upon the table in order to increase the difficulty of potting balls. Ten balls are used in total: five red balls and five white balls. There is no cue ball involved, so players can strike a ball directly into the pocket. Both players take their first shots simultaneously, and if successful, the game continues with these simultaneous shots. The winner is the first to pot all five of their balls.

Three-ball pool

Three-ball pool is a great alternative if you have a large group of people.

The goal? To sink three racked balls in the fewest shots possible.

To start: To make things fun, collect $1 from each contestant and watch as they try to sink the three racked balls. The winner is the player who ends with the lowest score, or fewest shots. They then reap the rewards of all the pooled money, plus bragging rights.

One last idea? Host a pool-playing marathon and try each version listed above to discover your new favorite. You’ll love apartment living at 100 York.

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