Ping pong can boost your health! All you need is an apartment amenity center.

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Chances are you’ve played a game or two of ping pong at some point in your life. Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is often considered to be more of a fun hobby than a serious sport. But it’s actually part of the Olympics and requires quick thinking and sharp reflexes.

You may be surprised to learn there are numerous health benefits associated with regular rounds of table tennis, too. Get ready to reap the rewards of the game at 100 York, where you find brand-new apartment amenity center, featuring — among a myriad of things — a room dedicated to ping pong.

Physical health benefits

One of the best things about ping pong is that it’s so straightforward that it works for any skill level. Players can pick up a paddle, regardless of their fitness level, and enjoy the positive effects right away. It’s also easy on the joints while still giving you a chance to build strength. Here are some more great benefits for your health:

  • Burns calories: Depending on weight, players can easily burn over 250 calories an hour.
  • Improves reflexes: Both your gross and fine motor skills get a workout in this fast-paced game.
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination: Smacking a well-aimed forehand down the line is no joke — your brain and body need to cooperate to make it happen.
  • Improves overall balance: Quick, small movements require fast, steady feet.

Mental health benefits

Did you know ping pong is known as a brain sport? Since it requires a combination of coordination and strategy it forces the brain and body work together. Check out these mental health benefits:

  • Mood booster: Without getting too technical, any type of athletic endeavor leads to an immediate mood boost thanks to an increase in feel-good chemicals flooding your brain.
  • Reduces depression and anxiety: That same increase in mood-boosting chemicals (like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine) is also linked to reduced depression and anxiety over time with regular exercise.
  • Improves attention span: Gain better focus, limit outside distractions, and increase your attention span.
  • Promotes neuron growth: Just like with other aerobic activity, playing ping pong can promote neuron growth and survival, which may help to fend off diseases like Alzheimer's.

Get your game on in the apartment amenity center

So, now you may be wondering how you can you take advantage of the various health benefits associated with playing ping pong; it’s easy when you can head straight to the apartment amenity center at 100 York.

The state-of-the-art apartment amenity center houses diverse amenity options like a yoga studio with on-demand classes, a theater room, and, yes, even a devoted ping-pong room. Complete with sporty diamond-plating accents, laminate flooring, and a brand-new ping-pong table, players have plenty of space and all the equipment they need for a friendly — or competitive — game.

Whether you start playing for exercise, stress relief, or just for fun, there’s no denying the added bonus of so many health benefits. At the 100 York apartments amenity center, you can become a ping-pong whiz.

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