If You’re Spending Too Much Time Alone, You Need to Check Out These Apartments in Jenkintown

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Come home. Have dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed. Go back to work. Repeat.

A predictable routine helps some of us thrive all by ourselves. But spending too much time alone may not be such a great idea, according to an abundance of research. Did you know talking to your neighbors could be the ticket to improved mental and physical health?

Build Connections – Feel Great

100 York is here to help. With a strong lineup of special events, this newly-renovated community of apartments in Jenkintown invites you to build connections with people who live next door. So, when you attend our next Labor Day feast, watch the tree lighting at this year’s Second Annual 100 York Holiday Party, or line up for beverages and swag at our State Farm-sponsored event, you’re actually doing something for your own well-being.

Just consider what the experts say on this topic in a recent article in The New York Times:

  • Harvard Women’s Health Watch: “Dozens of studies have showed that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.”
  • The Journal of Health and Social Behavior: “The emotional support provided by social connections helps to reduce the damaging effects of stress and can foster a sense of meaning and purpose in life.”
  • Dr. Emma Seppala, author of “The Happiness Track”: “People who feel connected to others have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Moreover, studies show they also have higher self-esteem, greater empathy for others, are more trusting and cooperative, and, as a consequence, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them. In other words, social connectedness generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional and physical well-being.”

Thanks for Choosing Our Apartments in Jenkintown

The special events also give us here at 100 York an opportunity to express how much we appreciate that you chose our apartments in Jenkintown. As it turns out, feeling connected may be just as important to your health as eating greens (Shop at Whole Foods Jenkintown down the street!) or working out (You’ll enjoy the brand-new fitness center here). It seems fair to conclude: 100 York features all the ingredients you need to feel like you’re on top of the world. 

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